5 Painless Techniques on How to Kill Yourself

Are you frustrated, depressed, or shattered? Do you feel neglected by your loved ones? Have you failed at things you thought you were an expert at? Are you struggling financially, in chronic pain or are you physically challenged? Are you tired of living and wondering how to kill yourself?

how to kill yourself

I’ve got you! Outlined below are painless ways of how to end your life. But before we get there, I need you to complete a simple task; sit back and reflect on the reason for wanting to end your life. Done that? Great! Could that reason be the worst that could have happened to you? I bet it isn’t.

I understand the desire to end your life, the deafening numbness that comes with such feelings. However, there are people who have walked the same dark tunnel your are in, and who have come out the otherside.

I am one of those people. I attempted to take my own life. At one point in my life I was googled how to kill myself. The dark thoughts in my head urged me to  end my life to escape my shameful failure of a life.

how to kill myself

As a football referee, I dreamt of officiating in the premiere league.

After 12 years, the day to qualify as a premier league referee had arrived. I just needed to clear the last hurdle and pass my fitness test. In my head my fitness was a foregone concnlusion, having passed every fitness test over 10 years of training. Less than two minutes from the finish line, I broke down mentally and could no longer continue.

I lost it all.. Where was I supposed to start again, this was my entire life focus over the last 10 years. My life was now without direction and purpose. Evenworse I had let so many people down friends, and colleagues who had all believed in me.

I let family down who had sacrificed to support my dream. I felt I had nowhere to go, no one to turn to. I wanted to end it all, I thought the world would be better off without a failure like me.

I began to focus and obsess over how to kill myself. I attempted to kill myself by taking an overdose of drugs. However in an ironic twist of fate I even failed at that. Perhaps part of the reason it didn’t work, is for the purpose for me to tell you this story.

Now you’ve heard my story, are you still wondering how to kill yourself?

How to Kill yourself

Every 40 seconds, someone with the potential to change the world dies by committing suicide. Over 700,000 people a year die by suicide. Why? Because perhaps they googled ‘how to kill myself’  just like you did and found their fatal answer.

how to kill yourself

The suicide rate for men is as twice as high for women. Among wealthy nations, the rate of suicide is so high in the United States that it has become a major national public health issue. Suicide has become so common place that some interest groups even advocate for the legalization of Euthanasia.

But I tell you, you need neither mercy killing nor suicide.

Please take a look at the joined words below:


There are two readings of the above letters:

  1. Hope is nowhere
  2. Hope is now here

Your perception, reading and your life is determined only by your mindset.

how to kill myself

On a larger scale, even though you are now feeling like there is no hope and you can’t continue on, you have the power to view the world with hope and optimism again. Simply by varying your mindset.

Trust me, this is the last thing I wanted to hear when I was at rock bottom too. But after much time and introspection, I know this to be true and am grateful for articles and words such as this one. Each being a small contribution in turning my life around. 

Still, thinking of how to kill yourself? Before you do, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline below. One call could be all you need to be on the path to feeling great like you once did.

Suicide Prevention Life Line

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

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