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How to make metal in little alchemy

How to make Metal in Little Alchemy

We hope you are enjoying playing Little Alchemy. Metal is relatively easy to create in Little Alchemy as there are only a few steps starting from the basic 4 elements. As we believe in creating from the ground up, below are all the steps on how to make metal in Little Alchemy from scratch.

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How to Make Metal in Little Alchemy from scratch

  1. Earth and Fire = Lava
  2. Lava and Air = Stone
  3. Fire and Stone = Metal

We have covered the first two steps in another post so we will not bore you with repetition here.

Please visit the inline links for Step 1 (How to make Lava in Little Alchemy) and Step 2 (How to make Stone in Little Alchemy).

Presuming that you have made Stone successfully we will now complete the 3rd step towards making Metal.

How to make Metal in Little Alchemy

Assuming you are already in the game:

Step 1 – Select FIRE from the Elements panel and drag it on the playing board

Step 2 – Select STONE from the Elements panel and drop it on the FIRE which you already placed on the playing board in step 1.

How to make metal in little alchemy

Congratulations. You’ve successfully made Metal in Little Alchemy!

We hope you are having fun learning and sharing the game.

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