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Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers

Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers

Welcome to our Wordscapes Cheats and Answers Guide on Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers. Directly below you will see every word included in this particular level as well as their definitions. There are also extra or bonus words and their respective definitions for those of you who love a challenge.

Wordscapes Level 4327 belongs in the Arctic Group and Glacial Pack.

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Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers – Included Words

There are 19 words in this level that make up the complete puzzle. The order that the words are filled in is not important so we will provide you with the list in alphabetical order so your brain doesn’t hurt any more than it has to:


Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers – Definitions of Included Words

  1. FIR – any coniferous tree belonging to the genus Abies, of the pine family, characterized by its pyramidal style of growth, flat needles, and erect cones.
  2. FIT – adapted or suited; appropriate: This water isn’t fit for drinking.A long-necked giraffe is fit for browsing treetops.
  3. FOR – with the object or purpose of: to run for exercise.
  4. FORT – a strong or fortified place occupied by troops and usually surrounded by walls, ditches, and other defensive works; a fortress; fortification.
  5. FRO – Obsolete. from; back.
  6. OFT – often.
  7. OPT – to make a choice; choose (usually followed by for).
  8. PIT – a naturally formed or excavated hole or cavity in the ground: pits caused by erosion;clay pits.
  9. PORT – a city, town, or other place where ships load or unload.
  10. POT – a container of earthenware, metal, etc., usually round and deep and having a handle or handles and often a lid, used for cooking, serving, and other purposes.
  11. PROFIT – Often profits. pecuniary gain resulting from the employment of capital in any transaction.Compare gross profit, net profit. the ratio of such pecuniary gain to the amount of capital invested. returns, proceeds, or revenue, as from property or investments.
  12. RIFT – an opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc.; fissure; cleft; chink.
  13. RIOT – a noisy, violent public disorder caused by a group or crowd of persons, as by a crowd protesting against another group, a government policy, etc., in the streets.
  14. RIP – to cut or tear apart in a rough or vigorous manner: to rip open a seam; to rip up a sheet.
  15. ROT – to undergo decomposition; decay.
  16. TIP – a slender or pointed end or extremity, especially of anything long or tapered: the tips of the fingers.
  17. TOP – the highest or loftiest point or part of anything; apex; summit.
  18. TRIO – a musical composition for three voices or instruments.
  19. TRIP – a journey or voyage: to win a trip to Paris.

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So there you have it. Simples.

If you would like a bit more of a challenge, you can stop scrolling here and try to fill out the puzzle without checking out the visual cheat to come.

If however, you would like further assistance or perhaps you would just like to advance to the next level quicker you can check out the visual below for how to fill in the puzzle exactly.

Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers – Visual

Below is a visual of the completed board.

wordscapes level 4327 answers

Did you end up with the same solution? Well done if you did!

If you are like me, just completing a puzzle is not enough, especially when there are bonuses on offer. Check out these Extra and Bonus words below to help you along the way.

Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers – Extra or Bonus Words

There are 17 extra or bonus words in this level.

Disclaimer: Some of these may seem odd, but rest assured they do work!


Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers – Definitions of Extra or Bonus Words

  1. FOP – a man who is excessively vain and concerned about his dress, appearance, and manners.
  2. FRIT – Ceramics. a fused or partially fused material used as a basis for glazes or enamels. the composition from which artificial soft porcelain is made.
  3. ORF – vet science an infectious disease of sheep and sometimes goats and cattle, characterized by scabby pustular lesions on the muzzle and lips; caused by a paramyxovirusTechnical name: contagious pustular dermatitis Also called: (Austral) scabby mouth
  4. ORT – Usually orts. a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal.
  5. PIR – a term of respect for the head of a religious group, especially in Pakistan and various areas of the Middle and Near East.
  6. POI – a Hawaiian dish made of the root of the taro baked, pounded, moistened, and fermented.
  7. PRO – in favor of a proposition, opinion, etc.
  8. PROF – professor.
  9. RIF – to discharge (a person) from military or civil service, especially as part of an economy program.
  10. RIPT
  11. RIT – ritardando.
  12. ROTI – roast.
  13. TIRO – a variant of tyro.
  14. TOPI – topee.
  15. TOR – a rocky pinnacle; a peak of a bare or rocky mountain or hill.
  16. TORI – the plural of torus.
  17. TROP – too; too much or too many.

Further definitions of these words can be found at:!

Congratulations, you have completed both the included words as well as the bonus and extra words which make up the Wordscapes Level 4327 Answers.

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