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Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers

Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers

Welcome to our Wordscapes Cheats and Answers Guide on Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers. Directly below you will see every word included in this particular level as well as their definitions. There are also extra or bonus words and their respective definitions for those of you who love a challenge.

Wordscapes Level 4425 belongs in the Galaxy Group and Sky Pack.

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Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers – Included Words

There are 6 words in this level that make up the complete puzzle. The order that the words are filled in is not important so we will provide you with the list in alphabetical order so your brain doesn’t hurt any more than it has to:


Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers – Definitions of Included Words

  1. LAP – the front part of the human body from the waist to the knees when in a sitting position.
  2. LAW – the principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation or of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision.
  3. PAL – a friend or close associate; chum; comrade.
  4. PAW – the foot of an animal having claws.
  5. WALK – to advance or travel on foot at a moderate speed or pace; proceed by steps; move by advancing the feet alternately so that there is always one foot on the ground in bipedal locomotion and two or more feet on the ground in quadrupedal locomotion.
  6. WALKUP – an apartment above the ground floor in a building that has no elevator.

Further definitions of these words can be found at:!

So there you have it. Simples.

If you would like a bit more of a challenge, you can stop scrolling here and try to fill out the puzzle without checking out the visual cheat to come.

If however, you would like further assistance or perhaps you would just like to advance to the next level quicker you can check out the visual below for how to fill in the puzzle exactly.

Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers – Visual

Below is a visual of the completed board.

wordscapes level 4425 answers

Did you end up with the same solution? Well done if you did!

If you are like me, just completing a puzzle is not enough, especially when there are bonuses on offer. Check out these Extra and Bonus words below to help you along the way.

Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers – Extra or Bonus Words

There are 24 extra or bonus words in this level.

Disclaimer: Some of these may seem odd, but rest assured they do work!


Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers – Definitions of Extra or Bonus Words

  1. ALP – a high mountain.
  2. ALU – arithmetic logic unit: the part of a central processing unit that performs arithmetic and logical operations.
  3. AUK – any of several usually black-and-white diving birds of the family Alcidae, of northern seas, having webbed feet and small wings.
  4. AWK
  5. AWL – a pointed instrument for piercing small holes in leather, wood, etc.
  6. KAPU
  7. KAW – another name for Kansa1.
  8. KLAP – (tr) to slap or spank (a person)
  9. KULA – a ceremonial gift exchange practised among a group of islanders in the W Pacific, used to establish relations between islands
  10. LAWK
  11. PAK – pack; package.
  12. PAUL – Saint, died a.d. c67, a missionary and apostle to the gentiles: author of several of the Epistles.Compare Saul (def. 2).
  13. PAWK
  14. PAWL – a pivoted bar adapted to engage with the teeth of a ratchet wheel or the like so as to prevent movement or to impart motion.
  15. PLU – plural.
  16. PUKA – a small white shell found on Pacific, especially Hawaiian, beaches and strung in clusters to make necklaces.
  17. PUL – a coin and monetary unit of Afghanistan, one 100th of an afghani.
  18. PULA – a cupronickel coin, paper money, and monetary unit of Botswana, equal to 100 thebe: replaced the rand in 1976.
  19. PULK – a sledge that is pulled by dogs while a person skis behind to steer and brake
  20. PULKA – a reindeer-drawn sleigh used by the Sami, shaped like the front half of a canoe, in which a single rider sits with back against a vertical support and legs stretched forward.
  21. WAP – whop.
  22. WAUK – a Scot word for wake 1
  23. WAUL – (intr) to cry or wail plaintively like a cat
  24. WAULK

Further definitions of these words can be found at:!

Congratulations, you have completed both the included words as well as the bonus and extra words which make up the Wordscapes Level 4425 Answers.

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