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Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers

Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers

Welcome to our Wordscapes Cheats and Answers Guide on Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers. Directly below you will see every word included in this particular level as well as their definitions. There are also extra or bonus words and their respective definitions for those of you who love a challenge.

Wordscapes Level 5182 belongs in the Foliage Group and Lush Pack.

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Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers – Included Words

There are 11 words in this level that make up the complete puzzle. The order that the words are filled in is not important so we will provide you with the list in alphabetical order so your brain doesn’t hurt any more than it has to:


Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers – Definitions of Included Words

  1. COCKER – cocker spaniel.
  2. COCKIER – arrogant; pertly self-assertive; conceited; He walked in with a cocky air.
  3. COKE – the solid product resulting from the destructive distillation of coal in an oven or closed chamber or by imperfect combustion, consisting principally of carbon: used chiefly as a fuel in metallurgy to reduce metallic oxides to metals.
  4. CORE – the central part of a fleshy fruit, containing the seeds.
  5. CORK – the outer bark of an oak, Quercus suber, of Mediterranean countries, used for making stoppers for bottles, floats, etc.
  6. CRICK – a sharp, painful spasm of the muscles, as of the neck or back.
  7. CROC – crocodile.
  8. CROCK – an earthenware pot, jar, or other container.
  9. KOI – any of various colorful cultivated forms of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio, apparently originating in Japan and other parts of eastern temperate Asia.
  10. ORE – a metal-bearing mineral or rock, or a native metal, that can be mined at a profit.
  11. ROCK – a large mass of stone forming a hill, cliff, promontory, or the like.

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So there you have it. Simples.

If you would like a bit more of a challenge, you can stop scrolling here and try to fill out the puzzle without checking out the visual cheat to come.

If however, you would like further assistance or perhaps you would just like to advance to the next level quicker you can check out the visual below for how to fill in the puzzle exactly.

Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers – Visual

Below is a visual of the completed board.

wordscapes level 5182 answers

Did you end up with the same solution? Well done if you did!

If you are like me, just completing a puzzle is not enough, especially when there are bonuses on offer. Check out these Extra and Bonus words below to help you along the way.

Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers – Extra or Bonus Words

There are 44 extra or bonus words in this level.

Disclaimer: Some of these may seem odd, but rest assured they do work!


Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers – Definitions of Extra or Bonus Words

  1. CERCI – one of a pair of appendages at the rear of the abdomen of certain insects and other arthropods, serving as tactile organs.
  2. CERIC – containing cerium, especially in the tetravalent state.
  3. CERO – a large Atlantic and Gulf Coast mackerel game fish, Scomberomorus regalis.
  4. CICERO – a Continental unit of measurement for type, equal to 12 Didot points, or 0.178 inch (4.5 millimeters), roughly comparable to a pica.
  5. CIRC – circular (def. 9).
  6. CIRE – a brilliant, highly glazed surface produced on fabrics by subjecting them to a wax, heat, and calendering treatment.
  7. COCK – a male chicken; rooster.
  8. COIR – the prepared fiber of the husk of the coconut fruit, used in making rope, matting, etc.
  9. COR – gor.
  10. CROCI
  11. ECCO
  12. ECO – ecological or environmental.
  13. EIK
  14. ERIC – Eric the Red.
  15. ERK – an aircraftsman of the lowest rank in the Royal Air Force.
  16. ICE – the solid form of water, produced by freezing; frozen water.
  17. ICER
  18. ICK – (used as an expression of distaste or repugnance.)
  19. ICKER – the fruit-bearing spike of any cereal plant, especially an ear of corn.
  20. IRE – intense anger; wrath.
  21. IRK – to irritate, annoy, or exasperate: It irked him to wait in line.
  22. KEIR – a large vat in which fibers, yarns, or fabrics are boiled, bleached, or dyed.
  23. KERO – a wooden container, as a beaker, made by the Incas.
  24. KIER – a large vat in which fibers, yarns, or fabrics are boiled, bleached, or dyed.
  25. KIR – an apéritif of white wine or sometimes champagne (Kir Royale ) flavored with cassis.
  26. KOR – homer2.
  27. KORE – Greek Antiquity. a sculptured representation of a young woman, especially one produced prior to the 5th century b.c.
  28. OCKER – an uncultured Australian male.
  29. OIK – oaf; lout.
  30. OKE – oka1.
  31. ORC – any of several cetaceans, as a grampus.
  32. REC – recreation.
  33. RECCO – (especially in British military use) reconnaissance: a pilot who spent three months on recce.
  34. RECK – to have care, concern, or regard (often followed by of, with, or a clause).
  35. RECOCK
  36. REI
  37. REIK – The·o·dor [thee-uh-dawr, -dohr; German tey-aw-dawr], /ˈθi əˌdɔr, -ˌdoʊr; German ˈteɪ ɔˌdɔr/, 1888–1969, U.S. psychologist and author, born in Austria.
  38. REO – NZ a language
  39. RICE – the starchy seeds or grain of an annual marsh grass, Oryza sativa, cultivated in warm climates and used for food.
  40. RICK – Also hayrick. Chiefly Midland U.S. a large, usually rectangular stack or pile of hay, straw, corn, or the like, in a field, especially when thatched or covered by a tarpaulin; an outdoor or makeshift mow.
  41. ROC – a bird of enormous size and strength.
  42. ROE – the mass of eggs, or spawn, within the ovarian membrane of the female fish.
  43. ROK – a soldier in the army of the Republic of Korea.
  44. ROKE – a seam or scratch filled with scale or slag on the surface of an ingot or bar.

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Congratulations, you have completed both the included words as well as the bonus and extra words which make up the Wordscapes Level 5182 Answers.

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