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Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers

Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers

Welcome to our Wordscapes Cheats and Answers Guide on Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers. Directly below you will see every word included in this particular level as well as their definitions. There are also extra or bonus words and their respective definitions for those of you who love a challenge.

Wordscapes Level 5804 belongs in the Strand Group and Bank Pack.

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Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers – Included Words

There are 14 words in this level that make up the complete puzzle. The order that the words are filled in is not important so we will provide you with the list in alphabetical order so your brain doesn’t hurt any more than it has to:


Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers – Definitions of Included Words

  1. HALE – free from disease or infirmity; robust; vigorous: hale and hearty men in the prime of life.
  2. HALL – a corridor or passageway in a building.
  3. HALT – to stop; cease moving, operating, etc., either permanently or temporarily: They halted for lunch and strolled about.
  4. HATE – to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest: to hate the enemy; to hate bigotry.
  5. HEAL – to make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.
  6. HEAT – the state of a body perceived as having or generating a relatively high degree of warmth.
  7. HELL – the place or state of punishment of the wicked after death; the abode of evil and condemned spirits; Gehenna or Tartarus.
  8. LATE – occurring, coming, or being after the usual or proper time: late frosts; a late spring.
  9. LATHE – a machine for use in working wood, metal, etc., that holds the material and rotates it about a horizontal axis against a tool that shapes it.
  10. LETHAL – of, relating to, or causing death; deadly; fatal: a lethal weapon;a lethal dose.
  11. TALE – a narrative that relates the details of some real or imaginary event, incident, or case; story: a tale about Lincoln’s dog.
  12. TALL – having a relatively great height; of more than average stature: a tall woman; tall grass.
  13. TEAL – any of several species of small dabbling ducks, of worldwide distribution, usually traveling in tight flocks and frequenting ponds and marshes.
  14. TELL – to give an account or narrative of; narrate; relate (a story, tale, etc.): to tell the story of Lincoln’s childhood.

Further definitions of these words can be found at:!

So there you have it. Simples.

If you would like a bit more of a challenge, you can stop scrolling here and try to fill out the puzzle without checking out the visual cheat to come.

If however, you would like further assistance or perhaps you would just like to advance to the next level quicker you can check out the visual below for how to fill in the puzzle exactly.

Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers – Visual

Below is a visual of the completed board.

wordscapes level 5804 answers

Did you end up with the same solution? Well done if you did!

If you are like me, just completing a puzzle is not enough, especially when there are bonuses on offer. Check out these Extra and Bonus words below to help you along the way.

Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers – Extra or Bonus Words

There are 29 extra or bonus words in this level.

Disclaimer: Some of these may seem odd, but rest assured they do work!


Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers – Definitions of Extra or Bonus Words

  1. ALE – a malt beverage, darker, heavier, and more bitter than beer, containing about 6 percent alcohol by volume.
  2. ALL – the whole of (used in referring to quantity, extent, or duration): all the cake;all the way;all year.
  3. ALT – high.
  4. ATE – simple past tense of eat.
  5. EAT – to take into the mouth and swallow for nourishment; chew and swallow (food).
  6. EATH – easy.
  7. ELL – an extension usually at right angles to one end of a building.
  8. ELT – English Language Teaching: the teaching of English specifically to students whose native language is not English
  9. ETA – the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet (H, η).
  10. ETH – a letter in the form of a crossed d, written đ or ð, used in Old English writing to represent both voiced and unvoiced th and in modern Icelandic and in phonetic alphabets to represent voiced th.
  11. ETHAL – cetyl alcohol.
  12. HAE – have.
  13. HAET – a little bit; a whit.
  14. HAT – a shaped covering for the head, usually with a crown and brim, especially for wear outdoors.
  15. HET – a heterosexual person.
  16. LAH – music (in tonic sol-fa) the sixth note of any major scale; submediant
  17. LAT – a former silver coin of Latvia, equal to 100 santimi.
  18. LATH – a thin, narrow strip of wood, used with other strips to form latticework, a backing for plaster or stucco, a support for slates and other roofing materials, etc.
  19. LEA – a tract of open ground, especially grassland; meadow.
  20. LEAL – loyal; true.
  21. LEAT – British a trench or ditch that conveys water to a mill wheel
  22. LET – to allow or permit: to let him escape.
  23. TAE – to.
  24. TAEL – liang.
  25. TEA – the dried and prepared leaves of a shrub, Camellia sinensis, from which a somewhat bitter, aromatic beverage is prepared by infusion in hot water.
  26. TEL – variant of tele-1: telesthesia.
  27. TELA – a seaport in N Honduras.
  28. THAE – those.
  29. THE – (used, especially before a noun, with a specifying or particularizing effect, as opposed to the indefinite or generalizing force of the indefinite article a or an): the book you gave me; Come into the house.

Further definitions of these words can be found at:!

Congratulations, you have completed both the included words as well as the bonus and extra words which make up the Wordscapes Level 5804 Answers.

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