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how to get wifi password from computer

How to Get WiFi Password from Computer

Ever had someone ask you for your WiFi password and you’re unable to recall it? Maybe it’s because you have it autosaved or you just didn’t bother to ask the network administrator for it. Not to worry! Below are some ways for How to Get WiFi password from your computer, without having to search where that old router is, squint to see the small numerals written on the back, or go upstairs.

Try these methods to fulfill the most desperate request of your guests like a good host. They might beat around the bush at first, but you know that’s the first question they want to ask you.

What you will learn from this article:

How to get WiFi password from computer (Windows Or Mac)

In Start you need: Name of the WLAN Wifi network.

How to Find Wifi Password on Windows

Finding a Wifi password on Windows is extremely easy. Simply follow the steps in order to Find the name of the WIFI Network On windows. You can also use it to find the password of your friend’s WiFi if you don’t want to ask them again.

Step 1-

Type in Network & Sharing Center in the Windows search bar and then hit Enter on your keyboard.

The Windows search bar can be opened by clicking the magnifying glass icon or Windows logo at the bottom-left corner of your screen or on your keyboard.

Step 2-

Under the Related Searches on the right side, click the Network & Sharing Center.

Step 3-

Select the name of your WiFi network by clicking its name next to Connections.

Step 4-

Click Wireless Properties that are adjacent to Details.


Now choose Security at the very top, right next to Connection.


Click Show characters Box beneath the Network Security Key, and your password will be displayed.

No More steps. You’ve already Find Wifi Password On Windows.

how to find wifi password on windows

How to Find Wifi Password on Mac

There are two ways to solve the password dilemma on Mac;

1. By Using Terminal (Without Keychain)

2. By Using Keychain

Both are equally effective and simple. However, the Keychain method is easier to remember and implement.

How to Find WiFi Password on Mac Without Keychain (Terminal)

You could use a built-in app called Terminal if you know the exact name of the Wifi network.

Step 1:

Open the app and Type in the following command:

security find-generic-password -wa labnol

Step 2:

Replace labnol with the name of your WiFi network.

Step 3:

.Enter your Mac username and password where they request you to type in

Step 4:

Once you have logged in, the password of the WiFi network will be displayed.
This is the simple way for how to find wifi password on Mac using terminal.

How to see your WiFi password on a Mac computer (Keychain)

To find any saved password on your Mac, be it for your WiFi, a website, or an app, you can use the keychain method.


Press CMD + Space


Type Keychain into the Spotlight search bar.


The left sidebar will have the Passwords option right under Category. Click it.


Search for the name of your required network.


If you have changed the password before, there will be several entries with their dates written below them. Click the most recent one.


Press the square next to Show Password.


Enter your laptop log-in password.


Here Comes Your Password

Too many clicks? Check out this shorter, but similar procedure To get Wifi Password:


Enter the network’s name in the Keychain Access utility.


If you see the most relevant result, double click it.


Tap Show Password.


Enter your log-in username & password after clicking Show Password.


The password will appear in a small box right next to Show Password.

See? Now you need not fear the next time you forget a password. You can simply follow the same method to help you with finding the WiFi password when your memory fails you instead of scavenging the whole house for that piece of paper where you wrote it down years ago or that age-old router with its faded numbers that gives you a headache each time you look at it. The solution is at your fingertips, you don’t even have to move or make a huge effort.

And in the end, your guests will be glad to have access to your WiFi password, and if you’re over at a friend’s, then you can find it without exposing yourself or hesitatingly asking about it. The above foolproof methods for How to Get WiFi Password from Computer saves time, energy, and embarrassment. You will be able to distract yourself without interrupting that loud family conversation or friendly debate.

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