How to Get Rid of Back Spasms

You’ve seen it before, older people clutching their backs in pain. In some cases, it can be nothing more than a minor issue, but in others, it can be debilitating. So what causes the sharp, stinging pain in your back that, sometimes, feels like an inflamed knife stabbing you? The reasons range from muscle strain due to excessive force to spine-related problems such as a herniated disc.

How to Get Rid of Back Spasms?

If you’re facing slight discomfort, you could try any of the following remedies for how to get rid of your back spasms. But, if it gets excruciating and unbearable, contact your doctor immediately.

1. Lie Down:

Lying down can help your back relax, ease muscle tension and discomfort. The pain may hinder you from performing daily activities. Therefore, resting is essential. However, short walks are not to be shunned completely, for they promote blood flow, which in turn, increases the healing speed. Try to walk as many steps as you can without over-exerting yourself. If you’re unable to move at all, seeing, a doctor is the best option.

2. Therapy for Back Spasms:

Moist heat from a hot shower or ice is two alternatives for soothing the affected area. Cold alleviates inflammation while the weather allows more blood to reach the strained muscles, reducing tension and allowing movement. To get rid of a back spasm, you may apply ice directly or indirectly, covered in a sheath, to the affected area for fifteen to twenty minutes every 2 hours. Make sure to read the instructions on heating pads before using them cautiously.

3. Hydrate To Ease, Eradicate & Prevent Back Spasms:

You have probably heard the benefits of drinking enough water a thousand times already. But did you know that dehydration is one of the primary reasons for back spasms? Water not only restores you to health but also reduces the frequency of crippling pain episodes; be it in your back or legs. By staying hydrated, your cells receive enough oxygen to carry out the recuperating process effectively. So the next time your spine feels like it’s stuck, drink a glass of water. Hopefully, it will help.

4. Stretching for Back Spasms:

The techniques, as mentioned earlier, require little to no efforts, and another worthy addition to the list is stretching. Taking time out to stretch on a tennis or exercise ball regularly eases built-up tension among the muscles, giving them room to expand. If the muscles remain contracted for too long, a sharp pain may erupt, causing extreme stiffness and aching. Equipment is not necessary, and you may try some simple stretching or yoga positions that help. Be careful, however, not to stretch too much or in the wrong manner. 

For stretching with a tennis ball, place it right underneath the muscle spasm area and lie down on it. Hold your position for a few minutes, making sure to breathe slowly and relax. 

To do so with an exercise ball, place a chair nearby for balance and then sit on the ball. Now lie down. Your back will be directly on the ball while your arms and buttocks will be stretched across it. Please don’t keep your feet half dangling in the air; keep them flat on the floor. Hold this position for a few minutes.

5. Massage for Back Spasms

Apply gentle pressure on the troublesome spot for a few seconds and then slowly move your fingers in a circular motion, maintaining the same pressure. This will again increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Self-massaging is an uncomfortable but beneficial process. If you’re able to do it, then it will surely be worth your while. 

For more severe pain, you could try pinching the area and holding it so for a few moments and then letting go. It can help reduce any built-up muscle tension. 

If you can not reach the affected area, ask someone to massage it for you ort visit a recommended masseuse. All the while, try not to tense up and keep your body in a relaxed position.

7. Back Spasm Treatment (Professional Help):

Visiting a doctor or health professional is the quickest, safest way of getting rid of back spasms. The doctor will be able to identify any underlying issues and suggest treatment accordingly. He might need to take a physical exam and know about your medical history before giving a prescription.

Furthermore, the doctor will advise some lifestyle changes that will keep future cases of prolonged middle or lower back contractions and tension from disturbing your peace again.

Final Words For Back Spasms Treatment:

Back spasms can strictly limit your movement, cause flare-ups and burning sensations. The key take here is to relax, drink a glass of water and take a hot shower to get rid of them. You could alternate between any of the tips mentioned above to see what suits you best. To avoid future occurrences, eat well, fix your posture, exercise & stretch regularly, and stay hydrated. 

In most cases, the spasms go away after applying a few tricks and tips. Severe, long-term pain could indicate other issues such as an electrolyte imbalance, anatomical vertebral column disorders, Skin Rash, or urinary tract infections. See your doctor if it does not go away after a few days. 

If you try any of these tips given above, you’ll probably be up and ready for that morning run, chore spree, or workout in no time. Exercise and workout keeps your skin healthy and fresh. So the next time you have a crippling back spasm, you know what to do!

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