How To Make Slime Without Activator

Slime has become the new widespread activity for small children. Kids find themselves overjoyed and satisfied while playing with slime. They experiment with slimes by adding several things into it, like mixing glitters, putting rice and creating unique colours. Parents may use slime as a source of visual testing or teaching for your kids, too by arranging certain activities using slime.

Not only among kids, but slime has become popular among adults too. They use slime by kneading it between hands for soothing or aesthetic effects. Moreover, using a slime gives you a different sense of satisfaction too.

How To Make Slime Without Activator

Some children might have a delicate skin which is sensitive towards activators used in the slime. Slime usually contain Borax as an activator, but Borax is quite harmful to your skin, so you probably want a way to make Borax-free slime. Therefore, we have listed some alternatives by which you can make slime without using an activator which will be safe to play with for sensitive-skinned children. After reading this guide You’ll Know how to make slime without activator with the help of Shampoo.

How to Make Slime With Shampoo

Ingredients to make a Fleecy Slime:

For making a soft and fleecy slime, all you need is corn starch, shampoo, water, and a food colour that you desire.

Tip 1: You can use any available shampoo, the only condition being dense consistency.

Tip 2: Using colour is entirely your choice, i.e. if you want your slime to be colourful.

Tip 3: Make sure kids make slime in the presence and with the help of an adult.

Here is the recipe for slime without an activator.

  • Pour 30 g of cornstarch into 120 ml of shampoo and mix it thoroughly with a steel spoon to make it uniform.
  • If you want your slime to be colourful, you may add your desired food colour to the mixture. 
  • Three drops of colouring are more than enough, stir it quickly until the tone is even.
  • Now, pour 15 ml of water into the shampoo mixture and give it a rapid stir to make it levelled.
  • Add 15 ml more water into it and mix it well again (adding water spoon by spoon will make your slime fleecy and give it a cottony look).
  • When the mixture is evenly mixed, make a fist and mix the slime with your knuckles as if you are kneading dough.
  • Press your knuckles sturdily against the slime to squeeze it.
  • Flip it over and over again and keep rubbing it firmly.
  • Repeat this practice for at least five to seven minutes until you feel the texture of the slime is fluffy, and it is doughy in shape.
  • If you feel that the slime has become too sticky, you may add more cornstarch and continue kneading.
  • When it becomes consistent, store it in an airtight Ziploc bag to keep the moisture away.
  • Squeeze out the air from the bag and seal it to prevent it from getting dried out.
  • When you store the slime appropriately, it will last much longer.

Have Fun with your Slime

When you have become experienced in making slime, you can add more colour to it to create a new unique colour. You can mould it into several shapes and have fun with your playmates. You can also shape your slimes with a cookie cutter or any other mould like triangles, hearts or any form of your choice. To give durable shape to the slime, you need to press the mould hard. In fact, you can add two or three slimes of different colours to make it a multi-coloured slime. Make it, shape it and play with your friends.

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